Drivin´ home,

work is done.

All these people,

sharing this highway

with me.

Who might go home,

who goes to work

or just to another place?

I don´t know!

See these red lights

before me,

white ones on the left

and behind me.


the red afterglow

is kissing the hills

right before me.

Soon this day will be

dead and gone.

Tomorrow is still

out of sight.

My head filled with

thoughts about the ones

I love.

It´s a good feeling:

Goin´ home!

The radio switched on,

news following music.

An announcer says:

„80 people drowned

in the Mediterranean Sea!“.

Just wondering,

but it should be

a matter of time

till we realize,

that these daily numbers

all were human beings.

They are these people

without a name.

They are not our children,

brothers or sisters.

No one cares, if they die.

If we all understood,

this planet could be

a better world.

For all of us!

News are sad news,

we are used to them.

Just ask myself:

What if there were

good news?

Drivin´ home …

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